Wm. Chocolate Visits Fromagination

Wm. Chocolate visits Fromagination

Wm. Chocolate Visits Fromagination

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, the Fromagination Shop will have a special sampler – Wm. Chocolate – ready to make your tastebuds jump on Saturday, February 3.

The local owner and creator of Wm. Chocolate is Will Marx, who will be sharing pieces of his high-quality chocolates with our customers.  Will started his chocolate-making in the kitchen of his home, and now has a business he is quite passionate about!  He’ll be displaying his wares from 12:00 noon until 2:00 p.m.

Fromagination carries 1-ounce Wm. Chocolate bars, including varieties made from cacao from the Dominican Republic, Ghana, Belize and Honduras.  We also carry Wm. Chocolate’s drinking chocolate, and larger 2 ounce bars.

See our website for 1 ounce bars: Wm. Chocolate – 1 ounce bars

Will sources his ingredients from small-scale producers, when he can, and provides information about his suppliers to customers too.

Think about a delicious and socially responsible Valentine’s Day gift for your honey…and come to sample some Wm. Chocolate on Saturday.

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