Quicos® (Giant Crunchy Corn)


Quicos ®

These GMO-free Quicos® are giant corn kernels that have been soaked in water and then toasted and salted. The result is a delightfully crunchy snack that pairs perfectly with your favorite beer. Great for the next big game!

Crunch and munch on these golden brown nuggets during the big game or with a cold drink. Similar to corn nuts, this popular Spanish snack differs thanks to the lighter and larger corn kernels, some nearly an inch across. Like chips we bet you cannot just eat one. That is why we offer them in this 2 lb tube of nuts.

The raw corn used from Spain, known as the only source for this variety of over-sized giant kernels! And the size is the key – there are no hard little corn nuts here, just giant, light and crunchy kernels.

The kernels are soaked in water before they are fried in oil and sprinkled with the just the right dose of salt. The result is an addictively delicious, crunchy, salty snack.

2.82oz mini tubs


Quicos ® (Giant Crunchy Corn)

Quicos Origin:  SPAIN/Valencia

  • Similar to corn nuts, but much bigger and lighter
  • Popular Spanish snack
  • Lightly fried and remarkably crunchy
  • Great with beer or soda
  • Great with mountain style cheeses
  • Ingredients

    Corn kernels, palm oil and salt


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