Try this bright, lively pork salami!  It’s made locally with white wine, fennel and garlic.  Yum.

Made by Underground Meats in Madison, Wisconsin.

A bright lively pork salami, with white wine, fennel and garlic

This product comes in a 2 ounce link.



Finnochiona is a pork salami!

Underground Meats works closely with small-scale Wisconsin farmers to source its products from pasture-raised heritage pigs and goats.  Consequently, this means that a high quality and consistent supply of humanely treated animals are slaughtered in small-scale, state-inspected facilities.  As a result, the charcuterie is delicious and of excellent quality.

In fact, the Underground Food Collective is a Madison, WI based company. Currently they own and operate Forequarter restaurant, Underground Meats, Underground Butcher & Underground Catering.


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