Herbal Citrus Seasoned Salt


Herbal Citrus Seasoned Salt

This is a blend of sea salt with a bold mix of coarsely ground herbs, spices, and a pop of citrus. Fromagination seasons its Flavorsome Fowl Sandwich with this seasoning.
Main Ingredients: sea salt, citrus peel, black lime powder, and coriander.
Use with: grilled beef and pork, roasted chicken, quail and duck, eggs, green vegetables, fresh fruit, shrimp, snapper, halibut, salmon, fresh or sautéed greens.
Made in Madison, Wisconsin.


Herbal Citrus Seasoned Salt

The Deliciouser Team
Our story starts in the heart of the Midwest with these key ingredients: years of combined experience in the food industry; fostering relationships with community partners; and traveling the globe. Our vision is to bring exceptional spices, herbs, and culinary products into every kitchen and to invite cooks from all walks of life to share in the joy of creating delicious food with Deliciouser blends.
Patrick grew up on the southside of Milwaukee, dominated by corner bars, supper clubs, fish fry, and frozen custard – Patrick has always been a foodie. No matter where he is in the world, he is always on the hunt for the best bite in town. He has dedicated his life to sharing his passion for local, seasonal, and delicious food.
Marcia’s love of cooking and entertaining began at an early age, experimenting with her Suzy Homemaker Oven and The Lucky Cookbook for Boys and Girls. She still treasures both of these gems to this day. Once she mastered cinnamon toast (p.g 8), she threw her first tea party. From that point on, she has been perpetually planning her next gathering. Marcia is happiest when her house is full of friends and family.
Patrick and Marcia met in the mid-90s in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, behind the stove of an upscale catering company. After getting married and exploring their culinary dreams, they moved to Madison in 1998. Attracted by the vibrant Madison culinary scene, anchored by the famous Dane County Farmers Market, they started their own catering company and eventually bought an old spaghetti house, Lombardino’s Italian Restaurant, and bar. Although they later divorced, they are still friends, co-parents and culinary collaborators.


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