Fromagination Spring Cheese Classes

After the huge success of our Winter Cheese Classes, we have put together a brand new series of classes based around the theme of Spring. 

Starting May 9th for 10 weeks, our new Spring Cheese Classes will take you on a culinary journey around the world, where you will learn all about the various cheese delicacies and ancient cheese making methods as well as a whole new collection of Cheese pairing experiences! 

What are Fromagination Cheese Classes?

Fromagination Cheese Classes are exclusive learning experiences that take place “After Hours”, once the shop is closed. During these classes, you will learn about how the cheese is made, what are the best ways of eating delicious cheeses, which are the meats, wines and beers that make the best pairings for your favorite cheese. You will also learn how to cut and present cheese, meats, crackers and companions the Fromagination way.

Most importantly however, you will get to share a wonderful moment with your friends and family while tasting cheese. What more could you possibly want?

All classes will take place in our store in downtown Madison, WI, on the Capitol Square, in the Heart of the Dairy State. Set in our amazing store, Fromagination, offers the picture-perfect location to learn all there is to know about cheeses from our wonderful state and from around the world.

Fromagination features summer cheese boards

The classes series are as follows:


A. Cheeses of the World series

The cheese of the world series will bring to light some of the greatest cheese from Europe, and will highlight the social and historical elements that make cheese so special in these regions. 

  • 05/09/19 – Cheese of the British Isles – Take a culinary tour of the British Isles (1 of 5)
  • 05/23/19 – Queso, por favor – Class on Spanish cheeses (2 of 5)
  • 06/06/19 – Dammi Il Formaggio – Class on all things Italian Cheese (3 of 5)
  • 06/20/19 – Vive le Fromage!! Class on all things French Cheese (4 of 5)
  • 07/02/19 – Welkom in Nederland Class on Dutch Cheeses (5 of 5)

B. Entertaining with Cheese Series:

In this series of classes, we will take your knowledge of cheese pairing to a whole new level. You will learn how to find the best pairing and the greatest combinations for you favorite cheeses and companions as well as learning how to experiment with cheese and pairings. 

  • 05/16/19 – Tea & Cheese – Mixing ancient traditions (1 of 5) read more about Tea & Cheese Pairing
  • 05/30/19 – Cheese with Wine – Class on choosing the perfect combinations (2 of 5)
  • 06/13/19 – Cheese & Cocktails – Class on how to pair Cheese with Cocktails (3 of 5)
  • 06/25/19 – Cheese & Crackers –  Class on how to pair Cheese, Crackers and Bread (4 of 5)
  • 07/09/19 – Cheese & Beer Class on how to choose great Cheese & Beer combinations (5 of 5)

Read all about our Spring Classes right here

Why Fromagination Cheese Classes?

These exclusive events are the perfect opportunity to wind down after a long day at work, to sit down and relax in a calm environment surrounded by fellow cheese lovers.

Fromagination Cheese Classes are perfect for Date Nights or to just hang out with friends.

The Fromagination Cheese Classes are intended to be shared, that is why we offer special prices to help you enjoy this experience with your favorite people.

Furthermore, all participant will receive a 15% discount on all cheese and meats and on all other food products in the store. 

Visit our website to reserve a seat at the table for you and your loved ones or for anyone in the Madison area who you know loves cheese.

Our exclusive Fromagination After Hours Classes will begin in February but are all available for purchase this holiday season, right in time for Christmas.

If you are therefore looking for a perfect gift for a cheese loving friend or family member, look no further.

Find Classes right here!

Learn how to do things the Fromagination way!

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