Goat Eats Original Chips


Goat Eats Original Chips

[ You can order them with your lunch here:https://eatstreet.com/madison-wi/fromagination]

Goat Eats Original Potato Chips are the OG, the one that started it all. Their Original chips have the perfect seasoning for a great potatoey taste. Our potato chips are gluten-free, vegan, and kosher!

They come in a 1-ounce bag.



Goat Eats Original Chips

The G.O.A.T. Brand

As professional chefs and restaurateurs, they realized that the artisanship and quality of their signature G.O.A.T. Eats Chip was superior to anything in the snack food aisle. They intended to change that. In 2009, they started The Chip Company. With legendary stubbornness, they commit to crafting a hand-selected, sliced, seasoned, and packaged potato chip of only the highest quality for the uncompromising consumer.

Made in Saint Louis, Missouri.


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