Overjarige Gouda cheese


Overjarige Gouda cheese, Holland’s Family Cheese, Thorp, Wisconsin

This is a picture of the Fromagination cow

Made with raw cow milk.

Another excellent Gouda cheese from Marieke Penterman and Holland’s Family Cheese.  This version is a well-aged, very flavorful cheese that exhibits well the flavor aging-range of Gouda cheese.



Overjarige Gouda cheese

Overjarige Gouda cheese is aged over 24 months!  In fact, Marieke Penterman is the cheesemaker who has created an excellent line of authentic Dutch Gouda cheeses. Furthermore, she immigrated from the Netherlands with her husband, Rolf, who manages the dairy farm for Holland’s Family Cheese, a farmstead cheese operation in central Wisconsin.

The Foenegreek gouda is delicious!  Marieke Gouda cheeses are made from raw milk.

Marieke Gouda comes in many varieties, and has won many awards.

2014 – World Cheese Championship.
2009 – World Cheese Awards held in Gran Canaria, Spain.

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