Triple Play cheese



Triple Play cheese, Hook’s Cheese, Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Triple Play has a creamy and mild flavor that melts very well and would make a nice addition to a hot sandwich or burger.  It hast notes of gouda, havarti, and baby swiss.

This cheese got 3rd place in the U.S. championship and the American Cheese Society competition.

This cheese is also featured in some of our cakes of cheese! Wedding Bells, and Derby Hat.



Triple Play cheese, Hook’s Cheese, Mineral Point, WI

Triple Play cheese is a mixed milk cheese! It is made from cow, goat and sheep milk, and aged over one year. In fact, the aging process allows the Gouda flavor to become more prevalent and crystals begin to form.

The husband and wife team of Julie and Tony Hook met in college, and their love for food cheese set them on a cheese-making adventure 40 years ago.  Further culminating in Hook’s Cheese and its high-quality Cheddar cheeses.


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