Apple Smoked Cheddar cheese



  • 1st Place 2016 Los Angeles Int. Dairy Competition
  • 1st Place 2005 American Cheese Society Competition
  • 2nd Place 2007 World Cheese Competition
  • 2nd Place 2012 American Cheese Society Competition
Ingredient statement: pasteurized cultured cow milk, salt, enzymes, paprika


Apple Smoked Cheddar cheese, Carr Valley cheese, La Valle, Wisconsin

Apple Smoked cheddar begins with a traditional cheddar recipe. Finished, 12 lb. wheels are then smoked over applewood before being hand rubbed with paprika, which gives the cheeses their very distinct orange rind.

The interior paste of the cheese is ivory-white and has a supple, moist texture that is classically that of a Wisconsin cheddar. Flavors show the sweetness of the milk and are balanced by light smoke with the spicyness imparted by the paprika.

We like it with: whole grain mustard, porter beer


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