Cheese Producers

Uplands Cheese Andy Hatch

Andy Hatch

Uplands Cheese Company is in Dodgeville, Wisconsin, and currently just produces two cheeses.  Both are excellent, created from milk from Uplands’ herd that feeds in rotation on the southwestern Wisconsin pastures just outside the Uplands factory.

Andy Hatch is head cheesemaker at Uplands and has helped the company win many awards…and expand its distribution to international destinations.

Pleasant Ridge Reserve is an outstanding Uplands Cheese product.

Tony Hook of Hook's Cheese in Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Julie and Tony Hook

Hook’s Cheese is located in Mineral Point, Wisconsin.  It has a long tradition of artisan cheese production, and, before that, conventional cheese production.  Hook’s makes many varieties of specialty cheese, including several outstanding Blue cheeses.  It also produces a line of traditional, aged Cheddar cheeses.

Hook’s Eight-Year Aged Cheddar is an outstanding Hook’s Cheese product.

Fromagination features Marieke Penterman's cheeses

Marieke Penterman

Cheesemaker Marieke Penterman is the driving, cheesemaking force behind Holland’s Family Cheese in Thorp, Wisconsin.  She came to the U.S. with her husband from the Netherlands, and has won many awards for her traditional Gouda cheeses.  Today, her cheesemakers create a wide variety of flavored Gouda cheeses.

Marieke Foenegreek Gouda is an outstanding Holland’s Family Cheese product.

Fromagination features Landmark Creamery products from Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas-Bates

The Two Annas

Landmark Creamery is located in Albany, Wisconsin.  Cheesemaker Anna Landmark teams with promoter Anna Thomas-Bates to drive this business.  They make a variety of cheeses, including sheep milk cheese delights, such as Petite Nuage.

Pecora Nocciola is an outstanding Landmark Creamery product.

Fromagination features Chris Roelli's cheeses

Chris Roelli

Roelli Cheese is located in Shullsburg, Wisconsin, and run by Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Chris Roelli.

Red Rock is an outstanding Roelli Cheese product.

Fromagination carries Myron Olson's cheeses

Myron Olson

Chalet Cheese Cooperative is located in

Traditional Limburger is an outstanding Chalet Cheese Cooperative product.

Fromagination features Bruce Workman's Edelweiss Creamery cheeses

Bruce Workman

Edelweiss Creamery….

Emmentaler is an outstanding Edelweiss Creamery product.

Willi Lehner

Willi Lehner

Bleu Mont Dairy is located in Blue Mounds, Wisconsin, and lead by cheesemaker Willi Lehner…

Bleu Mont Bandaged Cheddar is an outstanding Bleu Mont Dairy product.

Joe Widmer

Widmer’s Cheese Cellars are located in Theresa, Wisconsin.

Aged Brick cheese is an outstanding Widmer’s Cheese Cellar product.

Joe Burns

Brunkow Cheese is located in Darlington, Wisconsin and run by Joe Burns

Fromagination features Sid Cook's Carr Valley cheeses

Sid Cook

Carr Valley Cheese is located in La Valle, Wisconsin

Fromagination features Katie Fuhrmann's LaClare Farms cheesesr

Katie Fuhrmann

LaClare Farms is located in Malone, Wisconsin.  It is well-known for its goat herds, and goat milk products, including cheese.  Katie (Hedrich) Fuhrmann is head cheesemaker at the family-owned business.  Her hard, goat milk cheese, Evalon, won the U.S. Championship Cheese Contest in 2011, beating many other well-known cow milk cheeses.

Evalon is an outstanding LaClare Farms product.

Brenda Jensen

Hidden Springs Creamery.

Felix ???

Capri Cheese is located in Blue River, Wisconsin, and makes goat, sheep and cow milk cheeses.

St. Dorian is an outstanding Capri Cheese product.

Fromagination features Keith Adams' Alemar cheeses

Keith Adams

Alemar Cheese is, well, not in Wisconsin…but it is in Minnesota!

Bent River Camembert is an outstanding Alemar Cheese product.