Orange Marmalade with Lemons


Orange Marmalade with Lemons, Quince & Apple, Madison, Wisconsin

This Orange Marmalade with Lemons is made here in Madison!

If a preserve can be sunny, this one definitely is. Indeed, it practically bursts with light and satisfaction and finishes like a sweet summer day.

Since you can’t really go wrong, spread plain on a piece of toast with real Wisconsin butter.  Add some zest to your cooking by stirring into marinades, vinaigrettes and sauces!

Quince & Apple also makes other fantastic preserves!

Select 1.5 ounce mini jar or 6 ounce jar.


Orange Marmalade with Lemons

Quince & Apple is a local husband and wife team who are producers of fine preserves and syrups. That is to say, Orange Marmalade with Lemons preserves is made at Quince & Apple, along with many other favorites sold in our shop! Along with their small team, they handcraft preserves and syrups without the usual amount of sugar that you usually find.  In fact, their focus is on pairing their preserves with cheese. Although there are a multitude of different uses for their flavors!

Ingredients: Sugar, orange, lemon, ginger and pectin.

Pairing suggestions: Add to a mascarpone-filled crepe, Ricotta, Asiago, or young cheddar, spread on toast, English muffins or a fresh baguette.


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