Spring Blooms Cake of Cheese

Spring Blooms Cake of Cheese

There are four layers and three cheeses in the Spring Blooms Cake of Cheese.  Think spring…jumping lambs and kids (as in little goats)…as this cake has goat and sheep milk featured prominently.

At the top of this cake is Humboldt Fog cheese, named after the weather near where it’s made in Arcata, California.  This famous goat milk cheese also serves as the third layer.  In between is a Blue cheese from Vermont, Bayley Hazen Blue.  The fourth layer is a Wisconsin sheep milk cheese, Anabasque, which is a homage to hard Spanish sheep cheeses.

The Spring Blooms will present your guests with a nice variety of cheeses, both in style and milk types.  Their tastes buds will bloom when they sample this cake of cheese!

Note: Fromagination no longer sells cakes of cheese directly from the website.  Call us at 608-665-3363 for information about prices and inventory availability.

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Spring Blooms Cake of Cheese

The Spring Blooms Cake of Cheese features three outstanding cheeses in four layers:

  • Humboldt Fog is a goat milk cheese made by Cypress Grove Cheese in Arcata, California.  It is a soft-ripened creation, with a streak of ash across the middle, like the French cheese Morbier.  It ripens from the outside.  The Humboldt Fog makes up the first and third layers of this cake, and should be easier for any guests with lactose intolerance to consume…goat milk cheese is easier to digest!
  • Bayley Hazen Blue is raw cow milk cheese made by Jasper Hill Farms in Greensboro, Vermont.  Additionally, it is a natural rind Blue cheese, less “hot” and more nutty, aged between 3 and 4 months.
  • Anabasque is a sheep milk cheese made by  Landmark Creamery in Albany, Wisconsin.  Anabasque is nutty and salty; it is cave-aged for a minimum of three months.  This cheese was inspired by Ossau Iraty and cheese from the Basque region of France and Spain.

This cake is approximately ? inches wide (at its base) and ?? inches tall.  It contains approximately ??? 1-ounce servings of cheese.


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