Hook’s 12-Year Aged Cheddar cheese



Hook’s Twelve-Year Aged Cheddar cheese, Hook’s Cheese, Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Made from pasteurized cow milk and vegetarian rennet.

Hook’s has been making outstanding, aged Cheddar cheeses in Mineral Point, Wisconsin since 1976.  The 10-year-old version won the American Cheese Society 1st place in 1996, and the 12-Year Aged Cheddar is an exceptional treat.



Hook’s 12-Year Aged Cheddar cheese

Colored with annatto seeds, at first glance Hook’s 12-Year Cheddar appears to be a standard orange brick cheddar, but once you taste it, its individuality shines through.

The 12-Year Aged Cheddar is rich and complexly flavored, and has pockets of crystallized proteins that make an amazing addition to the flavor and texture of the cheese. It is still sharp, but its sharpness is tempered by its smooth savoriness.

Pairing suggestions: Potter’s Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps, Winter Wheat Crackers or Treat Bake Shop’s Spiced Pecans.


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